Birzeit University Team

Hasan M. Abdelkareem (Faculty of Education, Dean)Hasan

Hasan is a key member of Work Package 4: Capacity Building in Higher Education Pedagogy. His background is in Physics and he has a MA and a Ph.D. in science education. In addition to his teaching experience at three different Palestinian elementary and secondary schools, he has been working in teacher education at Birzeit University for sixteen years. His research interests focus on science learning progression, curriculum development, and teacher’s professional development. He belongs to the critical theory in educa

Dr Anwar Abdel Razeq/ Hussein

Anwar's PhotoDr. Anwar is the Project Coordinator at Birzeit University.  He has a Doctorate in Educational Administration and Curriculum and Instruction from Arizona State University in Arizona, USA.  Currently Anwar teaches in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Birzeit University. Prior to that Anwar worked for more than 20 years in the K-12 and university education as an instructor and as an administrator in the USA, Canada and overseas.  Anwar is a Fulbright Scholar and has presented several papers at local and international conventions and published many papers as well.


Dr. Abdallah Bsharat

Abdallah photoDr. Abdallah Bsharat is a member of the Work Package 5 Team: Research Capacity Building and a faculty member at Birzeit University in Palestine, holding a Ph.D. from Ohio State University in USA, majoring in science education and a minor in research methodology and design and quantitative data analyses. He also has an MA in in science education from the same university. He teaches research methodology courses at both levels: MA and BA, and other science education courses such as practicum, assessment and Evaluation and teaching methods. Dr. Bsharat is interested in teacher education especially in pre-service teacher education program.

Ola M Khalili, EdD

olaOla M Khalili is a member of the Work Package 4 Team: Capacity Building in Higher Education Pedagogy. She is also assistant professor at the College of Education at Birzeit University. Her research interests include teacher education and mathematics teaching and learning.

Mousa Mohammed Khaldi

mkhaldi photoMousa is a member of the Work Package 5 Team: Research Capacity Building. He is also a  regular assistant professor at the Teaching and Instruction Department and holds a PhD degree in Science Education from the University of Nottingham/ England. His main interests are; Philosophy and nature of science, teacher empowerment through action research, teacher professional development, measurement and evaluation, educational psychology, and research methodology and design in education

Dr Ahmad Aljanazrah

ahmadDr Aljanazrah is involved in Work Package 6 Team: Technology Enhanced Learning Environment and has been Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education since 2006. He finished his Ph.D. studies at Goethe University in the field of Chemistry Education in 2005 and has a Postdoc scholarship on Using Web 2.0 Technology in Chemistry Education at the Technical University of Berlin in Germany in 2013. During his work at Birzeit University, Ahmad Aljanazrah, has worked as a Director of Ibn Rushd Unit for Educational Development at Birzeit University and Program Officer in the UNESCO Office in Ramallah-Palestine. He has also worked as e-learning consultant and a trainer  in designing online and blended learning courses at the university and school levels.

Dr Naim Abu Hommos

NaimDr Naim Abu Hommos is also a member of Work Package 4. He is International Relation Advisor at Al Quds Open University and from 2002 to 2006 he was Minister of Education and Higher Education, he has worked as Deputy Minister and Acting Minister since 1994. Before that he was Instructor and Chairman of Education and Psychology at An Najah University.

Dr Refa J Ramahi

RefaDr Ramahi is involved in Work Package 1 Team: Curriculum Development and Work Package 4: Capacity Building in Higher Education. She has a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Jordan and is a lecturer at Birzeit University.  As well as this she is also the Chairperson for Curriculum and Instruction at the University, Faculty of Education.

Dr Ahmad Fteiha

Ahmad I PhotoDr. Ahmad Fteiha is the leader of Work Package 2: DISEN. He has been an assistant professor at Birzeit University, Palestine, since 2009. He obtained his Doctorate degree in Educational Administration from the Jordanian University in 2009. He also works as an educational consultant for Faisal Al Huseini Institute targeting Al Quds schools. Dr. Fteiha is a chief editor of Al-Karma Journal, a peer reviewed Arabic Journal that is published in Alquds. Dr. Fteiha has various research interests with an emphasis on the advancement of educational administration and inclusive education for students with disabilities in the general education system in Palestine. The last of which was a national comparison study on Inclusive Education between Palestine and Jordan.

Professor Maher Hashweh

MaherMaher Hashweh is part of Work Package 4 and is a Professor of Education at the Department of Curriculum and Teaching at Birzeit University and the previous Dean of the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Arts. He received his B.Sc. in physics and M.A. in Education degrees from the American University in Beirut, and his Ph.D. in Education from Stanford University. He worked in school improvements and in-service teacher education. He was a visiting scholar at Stanford University and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and at Berlin Free University. He recently was the national coordinator of the Teacher Education Strategy in Palestine. Dr. Hashweh has publishworked as ed many articles and books in science education, democracy education, and teacher professional development.

Mahmoud Abu Sharma

MahmoudMahmoud Abu Sharma is part of Work Package 1 and is teaching Social science in the Curriculum Education Department – Faculty of Education, he worked as Supervisor of Social Sciences  in the Ministry of Education, Ramallah from 2003 to 2009 and as a teacher of social sciences at primary and secondary schools at the Ministry of Education for 22 years.

He contributed to the preparation and authored textbooks for  class (10 – 11 – 12) in the Ministry of Education and participated in workshops to discuss the revision of textbooks as well as publishing a paper titled The role of the Israeli occupation in degradation of agricultural land in the central mountains of Palestine.