Site Visit February 2016

Project Lead, Tony Mahon and Project Coordinator from the University of Eastern Finland, Antti Ronkainen returned to Palestine this month

in order to further develop the models and plans for Curriculum Development and also to work on equipment lists and plans for the University Smartrooms.

Tony Mahon also visited Al Azhar in Gaza and spent several days at the university where he was able toDSC05825 work closely with colleagues there to think about the structure of their courses and development. Focus was also on gathering data in order to start work on both the Diversity and Inclusion element to the programmes and also the Capacity Building in Higher Education Pedagogy. A wide selection of academic Staff and students will be interviewed and surveyed in order to inform the design of these elements.  Work completed here at each university will be used back home at CCCU with the Project group looking at the modules that make up each degree programme. Antti Ronkainen from UEF will use the discussions to develop the plan for the upcoming Study Visit to Finland.